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Pursue Online MCA That Makes You Job-Ready

Become an alumnus of the prestigious NAAC A++ graded Andhra University

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Minimum 50% (45% for reserved category) in B.CA / B.CS / B.Sc. / B.Com / BA in Mathematics from a recognised board
2 Years

What is the
MCA Plus Program?

The MCA Plus Program has been designed to nurture relevant technical skills in a coder/developer in the workplace. With the advent of technology and the rapid pace at which technology keeps outdoing itself, professionals today have no option but to be two steps ahead of the normal course of things. Bearing this in mind, we have curated this program as an industry-first skill-based academic program. We aim to achieve this via personalised sessions on technical & soft skills, interactions with industry experts and in-demand certifications in asynchronous mode.

MCA Plus Offerings

11 Job-Oriented Micro Certifications

Relevance of education is linked to outcomes and with data being the most critical decision-making parameter, we have job-oriented certifications linked to data analysis using MS Excel, business communication skills, Advanced Prompt Engineering with ChatGPT, time & productivity management techniques, digital marketing, product management, finance, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Analytical & BI Tool Learning Videos

A repository of tutorial videos to help you recalibrate your learnings with contemporary data analysis, visualization and presentation techniques.
Tools: MS Excel, Tableau, and Power BI

Interactive Masterclasses

Interact with our industry veterans to learn in-depth about real-life business problems and gain insight into solution-oriented approaches. We have industry experts from diverse industries like consumer internet, FMCG, entertainment, healthcare etc

Placement Support

A Career Booster Bootcamp covering 40+ hours of self paced learning & 30+ hours of live sessions on aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation, business communication & placement preparation including resume building and interview tips.

MS-Excel Bootcamp

10 live sessions with an expert to step-up from basic to advanced level Excel tips & tricks

Communication Bootcamp

Personalized 10 sessions communication boot camp designed to enhance oratory & non-verbal techniques of communication

Recorded Masterclass

20+ hours of recorded masterclasses by top industry stalwarts from Mahindra, IIM alumni, and non-profits like Dasra on topics like communication, leadership and brand building.

Soft Skills Videos

Approximately 8-10 hours of meticulously curated videos, developed by industry experts, on interview skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.



Minimum 50% (45% for reserved category) in B.CA / B.CS / B.Sc. / B.Com / BA in Mathematics from a recognised board

Program Fees

Lumpsum Fee Registration Fees Tuition Fees Examination Fees Total
MBA Plus Rs. 1000/- Rs. 88,000/- Rs. 4000/- Rs. 93,000/-
Total Rs. 93,000/-
Annual Fee First Year Second year Total
Application Fees Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/-
Tuition Fees Rs. 44,000/- Rs. 44,000/- Rs. 88,000/-
Examination Fees Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2000/- Rs. 4000/-
Total Rs. 47,000/- Rs. 46,000/- Rs. 93,000/-
Semester Plan Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Total
Application Fees Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/-
Tuition Fees Rs. 22,000/- Rs. 22,000/- Rs. 22,000/- Rs. 22,000/- Rs. 88,000/-
Examination Fees Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 1000/- Rs. 4000/-
Total Rs. 24,000/- Rs. 23,000/- Rs. 23,000/- Rs. 23,000/- Rs. 93,000/-

Choose the right program for you.

Course Offerings MCA MCA+
Job-Oriented Micro Certifications
Recorded Industry Lectures
Soft Skills & Analytical Tool Learning Videos
Interactive Live Masterclass
Communication Bootcamp
Career Booster Capsule
MS Excel Proficiency

Career Impact

  • Strengthen technical know-how: Become equipped with the relevant skills so as to stand out distinctly among fellow colleagues.
  • Build base for higher pay: With the right skills, achieve the right place in the organization/industry.
  • Soft-Skill Enhancement: Master communication skills to navigate investor relations, stand-out in leadership discussions and articulate business ideas with finesse.
  • Practical Skill Development: Get proficient in hands-on skills pertaining to software development, website creation, database administration, front-end/back-end developer etc.
  • Practical Skill Development: Get proficient in data visualization tools to fasten efficient data analysis.
  • Personal Growth: Interactions with industry professionals and cohorts will provide insights on how to deal with business challenges.
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